Reading Assignment Sport video game

Reading materials:1. “Everyone Reads”a. Soccer Will Soon Be America’s Third-Favorite Spectator Sportb. Go To College, Play Video Games. E-Sport Make a play for the big tenc. The positive effects of sports-Themed Video Games-Pacific Standardd. Movement-based sports video games2. FIFA Gamer Reada.Are we growing soccer fast enough in Americab.Exploiting Nationalism and Banal Cosmopolitanismc.Hansen_Youth football versus soccerd.NCAA_M_Soccer_Injuries_WEBe. Youth soccer injuries have skyrocketed since 1990-CNN3.Madden Gamers Reada.Are NFL Player Ovepaidb.Harvard’s Advice for NFL Player Health and Safety_Sl.comc.In New Study,96 percent of former NFL Players  show brain damaged.Is this the worst year for quarterback injuriesee.Madden Men4.Tony Hawk Gamers Reada.How Tony Hawk Turned Gamers into Skaters: Life_Re-Imagining White Masculinity

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