Reflection paper ( essay)

Review the documentary and TIME magazine articles( Attached) about Dr. Martin Luther King’s work as public figure. The film and the articles provide and overview of the campaigns Dr. King helped to lead up until his death on April 4, 1968. Specifically, as you watch the film and read the articles, consider how Dr. King, a public figure, used persuasion, propaganda and the media to influence public opinion in his role as a leader. Write a short 3-5 paragraph that summarizes your thoughts on his work as a public figure.

* Write these tow points in the essay ( paraphrase them):

– I think when James Lawson who was Martin Luther King’s friend, invited him to maintain the momentum of the movement, he used the testimonial propaganda technique to support the sanitation workers campaign.

– When MLK said ” I will not lead a violent demonstration”, he used glittering generalities technique, to gain people’s trust and confidence by his non-violent peaceful marches.

* write the references.

At the river I stand ( full movie )

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