Religion paper (case study based o a theory)

Students will be required to write a brief paper on Lincoln’s Holy Terrors. This is a formal paper and should be about 6 pages in length (approx. 2000 to 3000 words exclusive of any bibliographic references), typed, 1 ½ to double spaced, with full bibliographic references (if relevant). ( so it should be around 3000 words without the references, and use the page number in resourcing)The goals are: (1) to demonstrate an understanding of Lincoln’s work based on the select readings supplied: and (2) to effectively apply Lincoln’s approach to religious violence to some area of interest (a case study, topic, event, etc.) that is of interest to the student. Other theoretical perspectives from the course may be drawn upon, of course, but students should keep the primary focus on Lincoln’s work.Ideally, students will intersect Lincoln with other theoretical perspectives covered in the course. ( I will provide the other theories after finishing applying lincoln theory in a different homework post)A case study is not a general topic, but a very precise example or data set that can be analyzed. Thus, for example, religious violence in computer games would be too broad to be a case study, but a study of a given game or fan convention or an opinion piece written in opposition to gaming would be a viable case study.Remember that you are exploring the rhetorical processes at work in the case study. Therefore, the more focused the selection the better the analysis. Case studies could include a speech, a book, novel, film, art work, music, an interview (even one that you conduct), an event (such as a rally, worship service, memorial, a public talk, etc.), a piece of legislation, blog post/online exchanges, a mythic tale, or an archival datum (e.g., a diary or set of correspondence).The case study I’m thinking of Donalds trump speech to ban all muslims from entering the U.SFind statistic and other data to support this study and carefuly relate it to the theory with new percpective. check the diagram on the lincoln attachement that shows past- preconstruction and present and put this case study instead.Notes from the lecture about the theory is also attached.

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