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Reply to:Schizophrenia is a complex disorder, for a long time it was very misunderstood, and individuals were not able to get proper care which often resulted in institutionalized care without added care. This was because at the time the therapy approaches being used were not effective (Comer & Comer, 2021). Over the years there have been new developments and a handful of effective treatments have come to the surface. Drug therapy is an extremely useful treatment for schizophrenia, however, there are also newer approaches to therapy that have been developed over the years. For treatment, there is Milieu therapy, token economy programs, psychotherapy, and community approaches. Community care was a result of the poor conditions individuals who experience in mental institutions, this approach allowed for individuals to get the care they needed in their communities rather than being transported to other facilities and far aware from their home, friends, and family (Comer & Comer, 2021). Community care is a form of treatment that has shown 3 times the improvement for individuals (Comer & comer, 2021). This form of treatment has been shown to be beneficial for individuals with severe mental disorders. This is a combination of inpatient and outpatient care, long-term, short-term, and aftercare. While institutionalized care was more often a set of things that did not have enough resources and flexibility for individuals, keeping them away from their community and support. For example, one of the sections of community care is halfway houses. Halfway houses are places where individuals who do not need inpatient full-time hospitalization but are also unable to live at home are allowed to live with the care they need. One of the biggest problems with community care is that they are underfunded and are unable to meet the needs of individuals due to this lack of funding. This causes some individuals to become homeless.

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