research power point presentation

Final presentation:  Create a powerpoint presentation with only (6) slides with the following on each slide.  Each slide is worth 10 points each.  Upload your completed presentation to this assignment.Slide 1 – Title slide to include your name, course, and date you completed the presentationSlide 2 – Title: Why is Research important in nursingSlide 2- Explain in your own option why research is important in nursingSlide 3 – Title: What is a Research Nurse?Slide 3- Find the job description titled “research nurse” explain what a research nurse does and where he/she may work at in what type of workplace or environment.Slide 4 – Title: Evidence-Based ResearchSlide 4- Explain what evidence-based reach is  and how is it used in nursingSlide 5 – Quantitative Studies vs Qualitative studiesSlide 5 – create a comparison slide and explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative studiesSlide 6- create a reference page and list any sources you used in this final presentation

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