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Resistance to change is a principal reason for failure of change management programs. Planning for resistance and addressing it at each stage in the process is critical to avoid the resistance that is inhert in all change models, from derailing the

progress toward change.1,000 – 1,200 words 2 scholarly references, title page, abstract, cities, and APA formatResearch the resistance to change in large system-change programs and address the following key points:Explain the concept of resistance to change.List and describe the various types and levels of resistance to change.Choose 1 type of resistance to change, and discuss how you would address that type of resistance at each stage in the change process.In designing a large system change process, such as implementing Six Sigma or lean manufacturing, what types of resistance to change would you anticipate encountering?OBJECTIVES: Analyze the process of change and how it can be effectively. Apply a systematic diagnosis to organizational situations. Develop change strategies for collaborative group relations.

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