Resume packet

Resume Packet Assignment

Many people will submit their résumés in hopes of being chosen to interview for a particular position; however, those few individuals who are invited to interview are picked primarily on the basis of the content and quality of their letter of application, their résumé, and their professional references.

When you realize the competitive nature of a job search in the United States, the quality of your communication with the employer acquires added importance. Your résumé, cover letter, and thank you letter should be personalized, concise and error free documents that you have designed to reflect your particular accomplishments and academic and professional credentials. This assignment consists of five related tasks:

  • Locate an existing, advertised full – time, part – time, or internship that is commensurate with your current skills.
  • Write a persuasive letter of application.
  • Format and write a professional résumé that includes a professional reference page.
  • Answer behavioral and situational employment interviews.
  • Follow – up an interview with a properly drafted thank you letter.
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