Analyze one of the required readings from this week, but only one of the articles from the 1970’s. There are several on feminism, from different perspectives, as well as one on the Nixon era.To successfully complete this essay, you will need to answer the following questions:Explain the cultural relevance of the article. Who funded this magazine? What are their political biases?What is the main point of the article? What is the writer’s message to his/ her readers?Did the magazine make an impact on popular culture?Your thesis for the essay should attempt to answer this question:Explain the cultural relevance of the article. How did this particular magazine article reflect and/ or attempt to manipulate the cultural values of its audience? How can you prove this?This essay should be 2-3 pages, in APA style, reference page, intext citationUse the link below as your source document for this article along with any additional scholary article:Ms. Makes It. (1972). Time, 100(26), 59

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