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For the final project, you will complete the following instructions.1. Complete the  essay of the scenario-based case study. The essay should be a one- to two-page narrative focusing on arguments that support what the authors discuss in Chapter 13, as well as other research that you conduct related to these concepts. You are to focus on one or two concepts in this unit’s chapters and relate to the fire that now involves several rooms and other apartments. Make sure the points are tangible. The narrative should consist of your evaluation of the textbook and other resources, listing the most compelling evidence or argument.The questions below may help you to focus your essay on the one or two concepts chosen.§ Is water with added wetting agents more effective than plain water for the extinction of fire in fibrous materials, such as furnishings?§ Should a wetting agent be applied to the ceiling, walls, and floor?§ Should water with wetting agents be used in practical firefighting?§ Does the use of firefighting foam, when combined with other tactics, create a more efficient fire attack?§ Do wetting agents improve water efficiency, (surface tension reduction) when used on structure fires?

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