Sex and gender

Choose and read several articles about men and women InfidelityInterview by talking with someone (or a couple) that has personal experience with Infidelity. That is, the person (or people) you will interview must have dealt with Infidelityin in the context of a marriage or relationship.Write a brief report about the interview (Who you was interviewed; when and where was the interview conducted; explain a little about the Infidelity; reason for the Infidelity; what happens after the Infidelity; lastly, to what extent are the partners still involved — no more than two pagesWrite a research paper on Infidelity. This paper must be no less than four pages, double spacing, 1-inch margins, 12 point -Times Roman. Remember to include APA citations in the body of the paper and a references sheet.Information to be included in the Research Paper -What Constitutes Infidelity?Parental Infidelity and Children’s experienceRelationship and InfidelityMending the relationship after InfidelityEmotional versus Physical InfidelityHow are males and females different when it comes to InfidelityResolving issues after InfidelityCopy and paste the brief interview report to the beginning of your research paper. Make sure to label both sections -The Interview and The Research Paper.Total assignment should be about 5 to 6 pages included the references

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