Share the Music

WK5 Assignment: Share the MusicWatch two videos featuring the performance of a twentieth century music composition. Your choices must be from the twentieth century classical tradition, such as solo, orchestral or chamber music performances,notpop, rock, or jazz. Please note that this assignment is not a 20th century performance of music from the Classical era – students should watch videos of music that was composed in the twentieth century. The music chosen for this assignment needs to have been written in the twentieth century, so it is important tonotchoose music that was composed before the twentieth century. You can either choose two compositions written by the same composer or a composition from two different twentieth century composers. If you are not sure if your choices fit the requirements, be sure to ask in the Questions thread or by sending a personal message to your instructor. The following is a list of possible choices for composers for this assignment. You are not required to choose a composer from this list as long as your choices are composers from the twentieth century.Jeanne DemessieuxHarry T. BurleighWilliam Grant StillArnold BaxRalph Vaughan WilliamsSergei RachmaninoffGustav HolstArvo PärtHenry Balfour GardinerGerald FinziNadia BoulangerLili BoulangerBenjamin BrittenMarcel DupréCharles IvesManuel de FallaClaude DebussyMaurice RavelAugusta Read ThomasBela BartokLeonard BernsteinAaron CoplandIgor StravinskyArnold SchoenbergJohn AdamsDorothy Rudd MoorePhilip GlassMorton FeldmanDmitri ShostakovichRuth Crawford Seeger (Ruth Porter Crawford)Pierre BoulezTerry RileyFor each of the two videos, discuss how each composition reflects the six basics of melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, timbre, and form. You can refer to “Tools” in the course text for detailed information about each of these musical terms. Please also address how the composer’s music reflects the culture and/or time period in which he or she lived. Be sure to include links to the videos in your response. The videos should be cited in the body of the text and in a reference page.There is no specific word count requirement for this assignment – just be sure you are addressing all of the required elements. This paper should be written in paragraph form using complete sentences with a clear introduction and conclusion. In addition to these elements, please be sure to fulfill theRequirements for Writing Assignments, including citing all sources (including the performances) both in the body of the text and in a reference page. Please note that MLA is the standard citation style in the humanities. Here are some good sources of information forEvaluating Online Resources,Citing Sources, andWriting & Grammar Resources. Papers will be evaluated according to the followingShort Paper grading iRubric. Please review and utilize this grading rubric in order to maximize points earned on this assignment.

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