Stable Isotopes in Forensic Analysis

Read an article about the use of stable isotopes in forensic analysis for law-enforcement purposes.You may read one of the suggested articles, below, or one of your own choosing. Then, in a primary post of at least 125 words, in your own words, explain what a stable isotope is and how stable isotope analysis can be an aid to law enforcement forensics. Make a substantive reply to at least one fellow student.Ackerman, S. J. (2013, January/February). A different kind of CSI: crime and stable isotopes. American Scientist. Retrieved from Chant, T. (2012, October 18). Stable isotopes in forensics. NOVA. Retrieved from, H. P. (2007, January 6). Tracing unidentified skeletons using stable isotopes. Forensic Magazine. Retrieved from

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