Staffing and Administrative Issues in Behavioral Health

Similar to the healthcare industry, in general, behavioral health is facing challenges in the recruitment and retention of behavioral health professionals. This is true for both the clinical and administrative positions.Read the following articles from the EBSCO host database:Davis, J. (2005, November). Changes at the top: Are you ready? Behavioral Health Management, 25(2), 47.Oss, M. (2004, March). Changing times require a new workforce strategy. Behavioral Health Management, 24(2). 6.Seldon, D. (2003, March). What it takes to be a clinical supervisor. Behavioral Health Management, 23(2), 36.Using information learned in the course, in combintaion with outside references, prepare a document discussing the following topics:What types of unique challenges do behavioral health organizations face when recruiting behavioral health professionals?Do you think behavioral health organizations face similar challenges in the recruitment and retention of management? Provide a rationale for your response.Submit a two to three page microsoft word documentTimed roman 12 double space, no

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