Think of a public policy issue that interests you and design a six-question survey that looks professional on different aspects of that public policy issue. Imagine you are going to mail out this survey. It should include a statement of purpose as well as who to contact if the survey respondent has any questions.The design of the survey is very important. Try to create the best survey instrument that you can using language and phrasing that is simple to understand and not biased. You may use any type of questions that you see fit (open-ended, close-ended, Likert scale, feeling thermometer, etc).Then have two people that you know who are not in this class fill out the survey (do so safely with socialdistancing or have them fill it out electronically) and then conduct a short interview with them about how they interpreted the survey(I do not need to know their names but keep their responses separate). Ask them about the following:-How did they interpret each question? Did they interpret the question in a manner that wasdifferent from what you expected?-Did the questions flow together or not?-How visually appealing was the survey? Did the design make them want to complete it or not

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