PART 1: Choose a project that you would like to implement in a healthcare delivery environment.Introduce and describe your project with an introduction/thesisResearch and discuss the topic.Develop a plan to implement the knowledge found in the research including stages to fully implement the plan. Discuss how you would evaluate the project including background, analysis; and listing any appropriate technologies, tools, and best practices where appropriate.Include a discussion of what you will do if the project does not successfully launch.Include a conclusion.PART 2: Describe the following in detail:Select your area of interest (e.g. advanced clinical practice, administration, education, etc.)Discuss a clinical problem or potential clinical problem that you plan to focus on as your identified topic in the advanced program. Provide additional information related to your project, your specific PICOTCreate a clinical question utilizing the PICOT format and PICOT formatting document. What will your exact PICOT question be? How do you anticipate implementation and presentation of the information? What is the significance of the specific problem?why you are interested in this clinical problemwhy it is relevant for the current societywhy it potentially warrants evidenced-based practice changehow it is relevant to the role of the advanced practice-prepared nurse and the implementation of evidence-based practiceafter completing the discussion thread requirements, discuss your plan for dissemination to share the knowledge attained from completing your proposed project

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