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training manual for conflict management

1. create a 18-24double spacedpages training manual (3 pages per person). Use APA guidelines for internal citations and reference pages (3 external sources per person).2. Develop and describe in detail a training program you have designed using the concepts discussed in this class. The context and audience for your manual are as follows: You are an expert consultant and you were hired by a corporation to manage conflicts that have been occurring in the workplace. Essentially the corporation wants you to teach them “how” to manage conflict effectively so after you leave they can manage their own conflict without the assistance of a third party. NOTE: Your manual should cover content material, and include activities, techniques, processes, methods, and procedures to help the employees to navigate and manage conflict effectively.3. Follow the format below:Title PageTable of ContentsSECTION 1: Introduction to 8-HR Training1. Agenda  ( Name 1)2. Objectives  (Name 1)3. Description of Problem (Name 1)** Use research to show prevalence of conflict in organizationsSECTION 2: Strategies & Techniques3.  Conflict Triggers (Name 2)4. Conflict Management Strategies (Name 3)** Show how to mitigate/manage/conflict conflict5. Conflict Management Techniques (Name 4)** Use case studies, activities, and exercises to implement strategies6. Understanding Diversity (Name 5)** Show the importance of considering diversity when approaching conflict management

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