Two Assignments (400 words each)

Following the instructions below to complete the two short discussion assignments (400 word each).

Assignment 1:

Financial Ratios

Consider the attached articles by Andrijasevic and Pasic (2014) and Mankin and Jewell (2014). Discuss the following questions on financial analysis. In addition, discuss why it is important to ask and answer these questions.

  1. Why does the significance of financial ratios change according to industry or business practices?
  2. Since ratios are often refined by analysts in their search for deeper insights, to what extent can ratio analysis be standardized?
  3. How can financial ratios best be interpreted?

Assignment 2 :

DuPont Model in Financial Analysis

Consider the attached article by Milbourn and Haight (2005) assigned in this unit. Describe the steps and approaches you would take in applying the DuPont model in the financial analysis of a company.

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