Two assignments one is a powepoint

I have two assignements due both of them you can get creative with:The First Assignment( The Job I chose is a Security Job)As you’ve learned, a participant’s guide is a key aspect of training because it allows your participants to know what to expect.For this portion of your project, prepare an 8-10 page participants guide for your training.The participants guide should include:1.   Cover page which includes the name of facilitator(s) and name of the training.2.   The pages in the guide should logically follow the content of the training.3.   Room for participants to capture their own notes4.   The participants guide should be concise and include key factors and statistics so that the participants need not to write it down for themselves.5.   Some graphics relevant to the subject or capturing the screen shot of the slide show.I will provide an example you can followThe second assignement goes with the first is a powerpointAs you continue preparing for your training presentation, please prepare a 12-15 slide PowerPoint Presentation.Your Powerpoint should include:Slide 1- Name of your training, facilitator’s name, and simple enticing graphic.Slide 2 – Goals and Objectives of the TrainingSlide 3 – Agenda – a brief outline of what the participants will learn.Slide 4 – Icebreaker – an activity in the training that you facilitate that gets the audience involved with your topics.Slides 5 – 13 – present the major content of the learning. Be sure to include role playing, activities, discussions, videos, etc.Slide 14 – Summarize the main points.Slide 15 – Thank you’s and contact information for participants to follow up if necessary.Use appropriate graphics, video links, graphs, fonts and colors to enhance the aesthetics of the presentation. Remember to design your presentation around the comprehension abilities of the audience.

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