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two different questions

QUESTION 1Write an Intelligence Gathering Plan For this activity, design a passive and active intelligence gathering plan for an organization of your choice. Your intelligence gathering plan should identify the following:The target, How you would gather data, including what data you would look for, What tools you would use.  Repeat the activity, documenting how you would perform active intelligence gathering, including how you would determine network topology, what operating systems are in use, and what services are accessible. Remember to account for variables like wired and wireless networks, on-site and cloud hosting, and virtual versus physical hosts.You may want to reference a resource like OSSTMM, NIST SP 800-115, or pentest-standard.org before you write the plan.In your comments to classmates be sure to indentify what they missed or better tools or technicques that they could use.Once you are done, use one or more of the references listed earlier to review your plan. Identify what you missed and what additional data you could gather.Your plan should be at least 1 page (200 words).APA WITH REFERNCEQUESTION 2ONE page paper on        Zika Virus-Apa with references

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