Unit 4 essay

Unit 4 EssayFor this assignment, write an essay that is a minimum of two pages in length, analyzing a negative experience you have had as a consumer. Specifically, discuss the following points.1. Tell the story, in detail, of a specific negative experience that you had as a consumer.2. Discuss the core values espoused by that organization. Incorporate information about that organizations values using resources about the organization found in the Waldorf Online Library, the organizations website, a YouTube video created and posted by the organization, and/or the organizations social media sites. (If this is a small organization that does not have a website, YouTube, or social media sites, and no library resources are available on this organization, rely on your observations of the organizations espoused values.)3. Compare and contrast(a) the core values that the organization espouses and(b) the values reflected by the organizations actions in your consumer experience.4. In your analysis, integrate the concepts presented in the unit lesson, and support your analysis with library resources. Incorporate a minimum of five resources in your essay. Of the five resources, include a minimum of three resources from the unit lesson, readings, or other sources from the Waldorf Online Library. Of the five resources, at least one resource should be a primary source (e.g., website, social media site, or YouTube video posted by the organization), which emphasizes the organizations espoused values.Use APA style. As with all your work at Waldorf University, be sure to cite all your sources and follow Waldorfs Academic Integrity Policy.Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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