USD Urban Place Marketing and Retail Agglomeration Customers Article Essay

What: Four reviews of retail management articles. Each article is to be a minimum of three full pages in length. Be sure the article pertains to “Retail Management”. Each review should be one page, typed, single-spaced, and with one-inch margins.

Be sure to include the citation for the article, such as:

Porter, M.E. 1996. “What is Strategy?” Harvard Business Review. November-December.

Sources: Please use only the following business periodicals and/or their corresponding websites and only articles dated January 1st, 2010 or later.

– Advertising Age

– Ad Week

– Business Week

– Chain Store Age

– Fast Company

– Forbes

– Fortune

– Harvard Business Review

– Journal of Marketing

– Journal of Marketing Research

– Wall Street Journal

The topic is Human Resource Management

Content: Please use the following questions as yourheadings for each section of the review:

– Who is the article is about?

– What is the problem presented in the article?

– How is the problem addressed?

– How do you feel about the problem and solution addressed in the article?

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