Watch The Short Videos And Answer The Questions

View the following video that speaks about the U S deficit and debt from a few years ago.  Update the information and then report what you have learned about the current debt situation.You might find it interesting to look at usdebtclock.org next video explains the multiplier which is very important to a consumer driven economy as we find in the u. S.  Discuss the multiplier effect and then tell why it is so important to our economy.Youare not responsible for the tax multiplier.Please pay attention to the math for the MPC and the MPS and how to calculate the multiplier.  It helps to supplement what is in the Chapter. you are to view the third video which discusses macroeconomics, the depression and fiscal policy.  First, define macroeconomics and discuss the importance of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Then discuss the similarities between the depression and our present day Covid – 19 situation. Finally discuss your understanding of Fiscal Policy using a definition and real world examples.v=5BwZbyr0Og0&feature=player_embeddeddue after 7 hours

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