week 5

For Week 3, you conducted an a nnotated b ibliography on a set of topics. For this assignment you use that information as a literature review. You will then develop a p aper based on the information you collected as well as what you learned from your course and text readings. Here is the list of topic areas that was used.The major theories associated with perceptionCritical features of biology and physiology regarding sensation and perceptionArticulate the connection between biology, physiology, and the environmentProcesses associated with the perception of color, brightness, and contrastProcesses involved with perceiving objects, forms, depth, size, movement, and eventsCritical elements involved with sound, localization, speech, and pitch perceptionCutaneous and chemical sensations in the process of perceptionThe influence of environmental context (e.g., geography) on perceptionThe p aper should adhere to the following guidelines:For the main sections it should have a:Title pageIntroductionLiterature reviewConclusionReference page(s)The p aper must use proper APA style for citing sources and references.Introduction: This should be 1–2 p ages in length. The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the p aper.Literature review: The literature review is taken in part from what you had written in Week 3.Conclusions: The difference between a great p aper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the conclusion section. This is where you bring together what you learned from the literature review (as well as through the course) in your concluding remarks regarding your topic. The discussion and conclusion section should be 1–2 pages in length.

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