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White collar crime questions


  1. What type of retail prevention strategies do drug tests and audits fall into, respectively?

    Internal, Importation

    Importation, Internal

    Technological, Awareness

    Awareness, Technological

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  1. How do organizational culture strategies work to prevent employee theft in the retail business?

    With an organized system for employees to anonymously report colleagues’ wrongdoings, people are more likely to come forward

    With an organized structure, employees and managers always having someone above them to hold them responsible for their actions, theft is less likely to occur

    With managers promoting a sense of community in the workplace and highlighting the company values from the start, employees are less likely to steal

    With police targeting organized crime families who develop large complex employee theft schemes, employee theft drops on large levels

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  1. Who do door-to-door scam artists in the home repair industry target and why?

    The elderly because they are home during the day and are more vulnerable

    Women because they are more vulnerable and know less about home repairs

    The wealthy because they are less likely to shop around for the best prices

    The poor because they are more likely to jump at what they think is a good deal

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  1. What were the results of the experiment conducted by Jesilow and colleagues (1985), in which he sought services in over 300 auto repair shops in California?

    He found that women are more commonly victimized by mechanics

    He found that smaller repair shops are more honest than larger repair shops

    He found that shops located in cities where there was a high degree of public awareness about repair fraud were more honest

    He found that shops often get consumers to sign documents that relieve them of liability

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  1. Why do criminologists rarely study insurance fraud?

    Why do criminologists rarely study insurance fraud?

    It is hard to find examples of it

    It is hard to define insurance fraud and many companies are just considered to have poor deals

    It is hard to understand and people frequently do not know they have been victimized

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  1. Why did Sutherland give doctors only “scant attention” in his white-collar crime research?

    He considered most incidents that occurred in the healthcare industry to be accidental in nature

    He classified most of the crime in the healthcare industry under insurance fraud

    He wanted to leave the regulating to the medical boards

    He believed doctors were more honest than other professionals

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  1. Which of the following is not a main reason for the occurrence of unnecessary surgeries in the health care industry?

    Differing opinions of medical providers

    Large degree of trust patients place in their doctors

    Mistakes made in diagnosis or reading of test

    People are willing to put themselves through a procedure if it means they are “cured,” even if the ailment would go away on its own

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  1. What is a common reason that authorities have a difficult time convicting pharmacists?

    Pharmacists claim to not be able to read a doctor’s handwriting

    There is little proof

    Pharmacists claim their assistants were responsible for the offense

    The laws in place have several loopholes

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  1. How does the medical malpractice category of crime differ from other categories of white-collar crime in the health care industry?

    It never enters the criminal justice system

    It is not a type of fraud or abuse

    It is not taken as seriously by authorities

    It easier for victims to get justice

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  1. Why is it easier for investigators to prove fraud in the mental health professions?

    The way their records are kept leaves little room for error

    It cannot be claimed as an accident

    It is easier to prove time violations

    Victims are more likely to report 

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