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wk 4: IOP/480 360 Leadership Evaluation Paper

APA formatAt least 4 scholarly references include and identify Introduction, subtitles, conclusion Assignment ContentResearch leadership characteristics.   Create a leadership assessment based on 10 leadership characteristics and competencies, and rank them from most to least important.   Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the following:List your 10 characteristics and competencies in ranked orderDescribe your 10 characteristics and competencies.Why did you choose these qualities?Explain what factors were considered when ranking the qualities.Discuss each of the 10 qualities and specifically identify which qualities are innate and which are learned.For the qualities that you classified as innate, describe your plan to enhance that quality in yourself.For the qualities you classified as learned , describe you plan to develop attribute in yourselfDo the qualities that you chose apply cross-culturally? Explain your answer.What differences in qualities might be assessed in a cross-cultural leadership?Do these qualities apply to both managers and senior leaders? Explain your response.

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