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WK 8-1 AO

Reply to:One thought that came into my head was the tv show 13 Reasons Why. I think that a lot of people were wanting to watch the show and were excited to see how it would turn out. Then there was a lot of talk about how it could be harmful and increase suicides by “glorifying” the suicide of the teenager. The ways that this similar situation relates to the suicide of a popular celebrity is the impact the way suicide is seen. When a popular celebrity commits suicide, it hits their fans hard. It can raise suicide rates in society because the fans may relate their lives to the celebrity and try to follow their footsteps nans the way they live their lives. They might even try to follow the suicide act if their mental health is already declining before the death. Also, since suicidal thoughts can be common from people who feel they do not fit in or are not a part of their society or group (Comer & Comer, 2021).  The potential impact on teens and adolescents is focused on them because they are easily manipulated, or easily molded into following people or taking certain advice from people they look up to.

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