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WW1 history

Suggested Term Paper Topics

  1. The Battle of the Marne
  2. The Battle of Tannenberg
  3. World War I and the Weimar Republic
  4. German Atrocities in Belgium
  5. The Armenian Genocide
  6. The Battle of Gallipoli
  7. The Zimmermann Telegram
  8. The Sinking of the Lusitania
  9. The Changing Role of Women in WWI Germany
  10. The Graf Zeppellin
  11. Hitler and WWI
  12. The Collapse of Russia
  13. The Russo Japanese War 1904-05
  14. Submarine Warfare in WWI
  15. The Poetry of WWI
  16. WWI in Art
  17. The Balfour Declaration (1917)
  18. The Two Moroccan Crises

19. WWI pacifism; opposition to the war

  1. German terror cells in the US during WWI
  2. WWI in Africa

You may choose a topic from the foregoing list for your term paper, or select a theme that interests you.

The paper should be 10-15 pages, typed, double-spaced, including footnotes and bibliography. Use the MLA Style Sheet or the Chicago Manuel of Style for the correct format. You must use at least five (5) sources (books or journal articles) no websites. Use credible and readily available sources

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